How to Configure your Exchange Server to Work With SugarCRM

When sugar could not send out emails using the setting you specified in Admin->Email Settings for your exchange server, below are several check points you might want to look at again:

  • whether you created an additional service connector on your port 25 (default send connector port) specifically for sugar usage, which will cause the exchange server not working with sugar
  • if your site is hosted outside of your own network, whether you’ve added the required IP range of the servers hosting your sugar site to the white list of your port 25, configuration instructions could be found here

If you don’t want to change your existing configurations for your port 25, port 587 could also be used for sugar to send out emails

  • make sure the port is opened on your firewall, check your firewall command instructions for how to show blocked ports of your exchange server and open this port up
  • create an user for sugar usage
  • open up the web log in page of your outlook and log on the user you just created to verify the credentials are good
  • log in your sugar site, fill the valid information and send out a test email.
  • Note: SSL/TLS is not required for sugar to send out email through port 587, they could be configured later if you prefer.

How to test the connection to a port from your sugar site to your exchange server

  • use nslookup to find out the IP address for your exchange server
  • if you haven’t enabled SSL/TLS on your SMTP port, use telnet [the IP we just got] [port number] to test the connection (25/587), more instructions see this page
  • if you’ve enabled SSL/TLS, use openssl s_client to test connection, more instructions see this page