How to Associate Case-Related Emails with Cases in SugarCRM

How to Associate Case-Related Emails with Cases in Sugar

You must be an administrator to edit the case macro or create a monitored mailbox.

The case macro “[CASE:%1]” is set on the Inbound Email Home page (Admin>Email>Inbound Email). You can change “[CASE]” to something else but make sure you include “%1″. This macro is used to associate an email with a case when a monitored mailbox receives the email by including the case number in the Subject line of all case-related emails. Sugar links all imported email correspondence between you and your customers with the case under discussion. Related emails are listed in History sub-panel of the case’s Detail View.

When you send emails using the Sugar email client, with the From address set to the monitored mailbox (for instance,, Sugar automatically imports emails into Sugar and links them with related cases .

However, when you use an external email client, such as Outlook or Gmail, to send emails from an unmonitored account, they are not automatically imported into Sugar. In order to link such emails with cases in Sugar, use one of the following options:

  • Set the “Reply-to” address to the monitored mailbox in Sugar to ensure that responses are sent directly to Sugar.
  • Add the monitored mailbox to the “CC” list, and instruct your customers to select “Reply All” instead of “Reply” when sending you a response.