SugarCRM and Social CRM


SugarCRM is built with your social presence in mind. To understand the what and how of social CRM, you firstly need to understand a few basics.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the combination of sales, marketing, service and support–based functions. CRM is based upon data and information that allow companies to better follow, understand, target and support your customers.

Social CRM is designed to engage your customers in a collaborative conversation, customer engagement and interactions, to provide value. If you are going to go social your social engagement should to be enterprise-wide, both internally and externally. Social CRM is a business strategy often supported by a number of tools and technologies.

The key to Social CRM is understanding what you intent to achieve from being social and then act upon how you intent to achieve your goals.

SugarCRM is Social CRM ready. With SugarCRM you get the following Social CRM capabilities and integrations straight out of the box:

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    • Facebook: read your friends’ news feeds in the Activity Streams dashlet
    • LinkedIn: See who you know or who can provide you with an introduction at a company
    • Twitter: read tweets of all the people you follow in the Activity Streams dashlet and add the Twitter name to a contact or lead and read their tweets directly in the contact or lead record
  • Email Integration

    Social CRM Email

    • Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook: archive emails to Sugar and sync calendar, contacts and tasks
    • Sugar Plug-in for IBM Lotus Notes: archive emails to Sugar and sync calendar, contacts and tasks
    • Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and IMAP mail: use the Sugar email client to archive emails to Sugar
    • Send email using your mail account credentialsdirectly from Sugar
  • Online Collaboration

    Online CRM Collaboration

    • Schedule, start or join LotusLive, Cisco WebEx or GoToMeeting online meetings directly from Sugar
  • Document Sharing

    CRM Document Sharing

    • Relate documents to any record in Sugar and store them in the cloud using LotusLive or Google Docs
  • Sales Intelligence

    CRM Sales Intelligence

    • InsideView: use the pre-installed InsideView module to get the most up to date information on customers and prospects.
    • Hoovers, Jigsaw and Zoominfo: Get account and contact data using the Sugar Cloud Connectors
  • SugarExchange Extensions

    SugarExchange Extensions

    • Relate documents to any record in Sugar and store them in the cloud using Box.­net
    • Qontextsecure, cloud-based, social collaboration between co-workers, customers, prospects and partners.

Additional Social CRM integrations can easily be built using Sugar Studio, Sugar Cloud Connectors and Module Builder.


  • Access different Social CRM solutions directly from Sugar
  • Keep sales people inside their CRM applications
  • Use Sugar Studio, Cloud Connectors and Module Builder to easily add additional Social CRM capabilities.
  • Empower your employees with the latest Social Media capabilities

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