SugarCRM 6.4 Calendar Enhancements

Enhanced features of the Calendar in Sugar 6.4.0 include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ability to drag-and-drop items — Drag and drop items in Calendar for better ease of use
  • Quick create and edit forms — Click on any time slot within Calendar to create Meetings and Calls; also click on any Calendar item to modify information in Quick Edit forms
  • Long meetings displayed in a solid continuous piece — Calendar items that are longer than 30 minutes in duration are displayed as a solid continuous item ie, they do not have lines demarcating the 30 minute time boundaries
  • Calendar dashlet — Calendar has been added as one of the Sugar Dashlet items in 6.4.0
  • Individual color-codes for Meetings, Tasks and Calls — Meetings are displayed in blue, Calls in red, and Tasks in green to distinguish and identify them easily in Calendar
  • Ability to change the first day of the week in month-views — Select any day as your preferred first day of the week from your User pages and display the modifications in month-view of Calendar
  • Ability to navigate within Calendar by using the calendar view — Navigate to any date with lesser clicks of the mouse using the calendar view, instead of using the Next button
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