Excel® In-Memory Accounts Payable Reporting for Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 (Sage 100 ERP)

BizNet’s Excel® Business Information Suite enables users to create a real-time connection to data, utilizing a user-friendly, drag and drop environment with live, real-time access to current data.

Providing dynamic, multi-dimensional drill downs to detailed information based on what the user is exploring.  The Accounts Payable reporting and analysis solution provides a prebuilt integration allowing users to build their reports within minutes.

The Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 BizNet Content Pack includes over 60 pre-built, drag and drop Excel® functions, reports, and business intelligence.

The BizNet Excel® Business Information Suite offers full-featured functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional financial reporting packages:

  • 100% Excel® Userface – Design, Use, and Distribute in Excel®
  • Real Time In-Memory Analytics Drag and Drop Reporting
  • Drag and Drop Business Intelligence
  • Multi-Dimensional Drill Downs
  • Utilize All Existing Spreadsheets
  • Interactive Report Creation Using Account Wildcarding, Account Ranges, and Account List
  • No Additional Hardware Necessary
  • Automated Report Distribution Tailored to Each Recipient With a Single Click

A partial list of Excel® functions, business intelligence, and reports delivered out of the box includes:

  • Voucher Summary – Includes Voucher Amount, Discount Amount, Discount Available, Adjustment Amount, Paid Amount, and Tax Amount (Available for Calendar Year, Quarter, Month, and Week)
  • Ranking – Return ID Based on Rank #, Return Rank Based on ID (Available for Calendar Year and Month)
  • Aged Payables – Aging Buckets as of a Specific Date, Aging Buckets as of Today, Total for a Specific Date
  • Analysis Sets – Pivot Tables and Lists Available for Voucher Summary, Aged Payables, and Ranking
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