Capture leads with SugarCRM Web to Lead Forms

You can create a Web-to-Lead form to capture leads from web-based campaigns or other web-based sources such as your website. When campaign targets submit the form, it is saved as lead information in the Sugar database. You can use this lead information to generate more opportunities for your organization.

Designed for non-technical users, Sugar Web-to-Lead Forms simplify the process of capturing leads into your CRM system. By embedding a customizable form within customer-facing web sites, Web-to-Lead forms directly import campaign responses into Sugar. Marketing professionals can designate what kind of information they would like to capture in each form to ensure useful information is handed off to sales people for


  • Automate lead import from the Web into SugarCRM
  • Reduce the need for technical resources to create web forms
  • Presents all fields and values from the Leads module
  • Offers design flexibility and decreases IT time spent in marketing support

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