Intacct Improving Your Bottom Line with Services Resource Planning

Intacct Services Resource Planning is modern, cloud-native, and features real-time visibility across the project delivery lifecycle.

Services-oriented organizations face a number of serious challenges—from globalization and a weakened worldwide economy, to competition for resources, and the difficulties of managing fragmented delivery systems. To drive revenue opportunities, improve productivity and decision-making, save costs, and grow profits, services and project focused companies must streamline, automate, and unify the financial and operational processes of services delivery.

Resource planning functionality enables service organizations to organize, plan, and dispatch service resources. It provides resource planners with all key scheduling data that enables work progress and availability of the service resources to be monitored at a glance by supporting flexible views on resource, demand and assignment data.

The implementation of these processes will:
• Improve Customer Service
• Lower Working Capital
• Manage Fixed Assets & Resources
• Reduce Operating Costs & Increase Efficiency

Intacct Services Resource Planning is a complete, cloud-based ERP system for project and service-based businesses. Intacct has also developed new, three-way synchronization between the three applications plus extensive workflow and automation for the key tasks that drive productivity for project and service-based organizations.

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