Why Is SugarCRM At The Forefront Of Integration?

SugarCRM is at the forefront of integration with its open source, standards-based architecture which enables applications to be seamlessly integrated with each other.

Integration between CRM solutions and other business applications has had a long, yet troubled, history. Traditionally, it’s been difficult to integrate these systems because of the proprietary architectures of the solutions and the lack of standards for exchanging data.

This is still the case with many upper-midmarket and enterprise customers who have implemented CRM solutions that are tied to, but not sufficiently integrated with, ERP, content management systems (CMS), or E-commerce solutions.

The current limitations imposed by on-premise legacy software and the multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) model has resulted in a new breed of applications and architectures being developed to these needs. Open source languages and open standards are coming to the forefront, resulting in supple software architectures and software development models, which in turn has lead to more flexible business applications delivered on-demand or on-premise.

There are many options for integration such as:

  1.  ERP
  2.  E-commerce
  3.  Accounting
  4.  Content Management System (CMS)
  5.  Telephony
To see extended information on the five integration touch points with SugarCRM and their resulting benefits, download the full white paper.

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