SugarCRM Constant Contact Integration Version 2.0

We’re really excited to announce Version 2 of our SugarCRM Constant Contact Integration!   This new version merges the already powerful integration between the two packages with a variety of additional functionality, much of it specific features requested by users.

We’ve had our heads down developing and streamlining the previously released SugarCRM – Constant Contact Integration based on feedback from our users.  Much of the new version focuses on providing more detailed campaign results that allow you to drill down and see email blast results both at the campaign level and at the individual contact and lead level.   It’s incredibly powerful when you can be talking to a lead on the phone, have your Sugar screen open, and see how they reacted to all of your email campaigns — what they opened, what they deleted, what they clicked on, what they forwarded, etc.   In addition, the new version also has a variety of back end changes to support our users with 10s of thousands of contacts.

SugarCRM – Constant Contact Integration version 2.0 new features include:

  • Syncs the ‘Click Thru’ links from Constant Contact into Sugar so you can see who clicked through and what links they clicked on.
  • Downloading and importing Constant Contacts, contacts into Sugar.
  • Duplicate checking via Constant Contact import.
  • Updated technology to allow for smoother synchronization of large lists.
  • Synchronization of bounced emails.

Click on the link to find out more detailed information about our SugarCRM – Constant Contact Integration.

To see the full Press Release Download  here.