New Fix Released For Payroll Issue Zero Earnings and Tax in W2/1099 Preparer, or Error 47 PR_efiling.pvc 1221

Sage Software has released a Hot Fix for a specific issue: Zero earnings and tax in W2/1099 Preparer, or Error 47 PR_efiling.pvc 1221.   If you have trouble following the directions below contact us and we will help you to resolve any issues.

Date: 1/17/2012
Product Line: MAS 90 and MAS 200
Application: Payroll
Application Level: 4.30 — 4.50
Number: PR4061-T


Note: This fix applies to MAS 90 and 200 Payroll versions –, –, and– Federal eFiling and Reporting a payroll check with zero earnings and a net zero tax adjustment does not populate the W2/1099 Preparer.Or, an Error 47 PR_efiling.pvc 1221 occurs in Federal eFiling and Reporting processing W2’s when there is no data to print.


The following program version is required to correct these issues.PR_Efiling.pvc 479


To install the correction, run the Download file below.


For detailed instructions on how to download and install the program that will correct the problem, click the following: How to Install the Download File.

More Information

SD 98124, 98151 PER 112813, 112802 ResolutionID 541032, 540997