New Fix Released For MAS90 and MAS200 Daily Transaction Register Doubles the Total of Invoices

Sage Software has released a Hot Fix for a specific issue: Daily Transaction Register doubles the total of invoices. If you have trouble following the directions below contact us and we will help you to resolve any issues.


Daily Transaction Register doubles the total of invoices

Date: 1/24/2012
Product Line: MAS 90 and MAS 200
Application: Sales Order
Application Level:
Number: SO4081-T


The Daily Transaction Register doubles the total of one or more invoices from the Daily Sales Order Journal.


The following program version will correct the problem.
SO_SalesJournal_upd.pvc 453
To install the correction, run the Download file below.


For detailed instructions on how to download and install the program that will correct the problem, click the following: How to Install the Download File.

More Information

Install the self-extracting file to the MAS90 server.
SD 97922
PER 112734
Resolution ID 540417