Capturing Leads

Lead management is an important business process. Sometimes it can be difficult to capture leads from visiting or passing traffic and therefore it is important not push these visitors from your site by requesting too much too soon.

Below are are few tip to consider:

Are you using the best methods to connect with visitors?

Your website should utilize multiple ways to capture information and convert traffic into contacts. Landing pages used for lead capture are an effective method for gathering information.


The trust factor that tends to increase form conversion rates. So include lines such as “we respect your privacy” or “we do not provide information to third parties”, or a link to your privacy terms and conditions.


Ease into a relationship with your prospects — you do not want to push them away by asking too many questions. For instance start by requesting minimal contact information like name, email and phone number, then you can follow up and request more information upon contact.


Prospects are able to provide more information if they’d like but they are not forced to.


  • Name – required
  • Email – required
  • Phone number – required
  • City – optional
  • State – optional

Above The Fold

The best place for lead forms convert is in the upper right hand corner of page.

Submit Buttons

Specific and benefit-oriented wording like “get a free obligation quote now” and “get a quote now” tends to convert better than “click here” or a “submit” buttons.