Either you trust your software provider or you don’t.   And if you don’t, then you need to pick a different software provider.   It can be that simple.

What are some signs that you don’t trust your software people?

1.        You blame them and the software every time there’s an issue before you look into the facts.   People who trust their software company look internally at their own people and processes first.

2.         You question every invoice.   People who trust their software provider accept the invoices for what they are and give their partner the benefit of the doubt.   Most of the time.

3.         You call them a “vendor” and not a “partner”.

4.         You watch over their back when they’re working and frequently second guess their conclusions.   Organizations with trust accept conclusions and recommendations of their partners, because that’s what they’re paying them to do.    They don’t always do what partners recommend, but they respect and consider the recommendations.

5.         You consistently shop around their quotes.    Companies who trust their software providers don’t second guess quotes as long as they are reasonable.

We all know it when we’re not trusted, both personally and professionally.   It doesn’t feel good, and it’s not always clear how to regain the trust.   Trust is one of those things where you either have it or you don’t.   If you don’t, it’s hard to get it back.   It’s certainly hard to get it back quickly.  I think it’s simpler just to work with people you trust.

Trust the people you work with or don’t work with them.