The Internet Is Transforming The World & Small Businesses

Today, approximately 700 million people use the Internet.  In 1994, we literally had to walk into the bank and wait in a queue to check balances, or wait for a statement to arrive in the mail and we still had to lick a stamp to send mail. If you had a computer, you discovered a new way to this cool, new thing called the World Wide Web.

17 years on and the Internet is a critical tool for business, is transforming the nature of business and the world. Online banking and emails eliminate the need to even step out the front door.

Brian Halligan from HubSpot wrote an interesting article discussing four internet-caused business transformations that disproportionately benefit small businesses that are prepared to leverage them.

1. Increasing Market “Efficiency”

2. On the internet, no one knows you’re a small-business.

3. Changing Nature of Business Shopping

4. Changes In Knowledge Creation & Retrieval


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