MAS 90 & MAS 200 Inventory Module on Version 4.40 Reported Errors

Some systems using the Inventory module on version 4.40 have reported errors in costing resulting from values in temporary fields not being cleared after registers have been run. These orphaned values appear to be a result of network disconnections. Sage has been able to duplicate these orphaned values by forcibly shutting down a register before the update has begun. Procedural causes of the issue have also been suspected.

Hot fixes to prevent this issue from occurring are available on the product update download site but will not correct existing cost data issues if they are already present on a system. A utility to test company data for these issues is included in Product Update 7 (PU7). This utility checks your ItemWarehouse and ItemCost tables for orphaned CostCalcCostCommitted and CostCalcQtyCommitted fields, and creates and updates a comma-separated-value (CSV) file, in the server’s mas90hometextout directory, with a list of the items found and the values.

To use this utility, follow the instructions below:

Note: All users should be out of the system before running this utility.To properly verify if orphaned values exist on a system, this utility should be run after all registers and updates have been completed. If run during a register print and update the values found may be valid.

1.     If you have not already done so, install Product Update 7.
(For 4.40 systems on a product update previous to PU7, a utility can be downloaded here.)

2.     In the Sage ERP MAS 90 / 200 Desktop, select FileRun.

3.     Type SYZCON.

4.     Click Accept.

5.     At the > prompt type: RUN “IM_CommitCheck_utl. Press Enter.

6.     When utility is done, a message with an OK button appears, with the location of the report.
(The default location of the report is ../home/textout/IM_CommitCheck001.csv.)

7.     Each time the utility is run, the sequence number of the report increments by one.
(For example, the next report is CommitCheck002.csv by default.)

8.     If the report has entries listed with Item numbers, please contact Sage Customer Support.

If you run this utility and find that you have experienced this issue on your system, a  utility to correct existing cost issues is also available.

Please contact Customer Support and we will supply you with the correct utility for your costing method.