Considerations for Your Wireless Network

Significant time and money has been invested into researching the use of wireless technology for remote monitoring. There has been an increase in the movement towards wireless, with many businesses moving mobile and accessing data from their wireless devises outside the office and hence wireless deployments are just beginning to materialize within industry.

The two primary motivations for choosing a wireless network over a wired approach are the flexibility and the cost-savings associated with eliminating cables and wires.

Adding or upgrading your WLAN inside the business adds flexibility, convenience, and keeps data available everywhere inside your company.

The Top 7 Considerations when adding or upgrading a WLAN for your business include:

  • ERP, CRM, Wireless BusinessSite Surveys and Wireless Signal Obstacles
  • Changes in Network Infrastructure
  • Router Upgrade
  • Rethink Security
  • Clamp Down on Unauthorized Access Loopholes
  • Plan for Upgrades
  • Invest in a WLAN Controller

For more detailed insight download this Focus report written by James E. Gaskin

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