Buyer’s Guide To Accounting & Financial Software

-buyer-s-guide-to-accounting-and-financial-software.pdfWhen beginning to search or looking to change you accounting software, you can become overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. It has become apparent in recent years with the introduction of new technology that there are new factors to consider when looking for the right ERP solutions.

A trend over the last couple of years has seen an increase in the demands on the finance department – from real-time reporting to global consolidation. At the same time, the choices for accounting and financial software have become much more complex.

How do you begin to research, evaluate and select the right software for your business? Download This 2011 Buyer’s Guide to Accounting and Financial Software and learn:

  • The different software options available: on-premise, hosted, and cloud computing
  • The 7 step evaluation process for selecting accounting applications
  • What’s different about the cloud and what are the benefits for the finance department?
  • How to calculate ROI of cloud computing versus on-premises software
  • The new factors to consider and look for in 2011

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