An End to Printing and Mailing?

Ever been sitting there printing a bunch of documents, stuffing envelopes, affixing stamps, and thinking that there has to be a better way?

Since 2008, there’s been a company called Postal Methods who would have you believe that they are that better way.

They basically eliminate the need for printing and mailing anything at all (invoices, form letters, marketing pieces, newsletters, etc.).    You email or upload the document or documents to be mailed to them, and they take care of printing the document, stuffing it in an envelope, and mailing it.   The cost is anywhere from 75 cents to $1.25 per item.    Considering that postage is already around 45 cents, this doesn’t seem like a bad deal if you can get the cost down near the bottom end of the range.   In fact, if you’re printing and mailing a couple thousand pieces a month, the dollars may really add up in terms of labor savings for printing and stuffing (not to mention saving paper and toner ink).

In addition, we can even build integration with software like Sage MAS 90 or MAS 200 so that invoices can be automatically emailed to Postal Methods (PM), and then PM can print and mail them.

Naturally, many companies have already evolved to the point where they are emailing most documents, including invoices.   However, there are a number of industries that are still stuck with printing and mailing.

For those companies, this could be a great solution and worth considering.