Steve Jobs & Me

I was never a big Apple guy. I was never a big Macintosh guy. I was never a big iPhone guy. I was ALWAYS a Steve Jobs guy.

There have been countless famous people. There have been many successful people. There have been quite a few innovative people. There have been plenty of brilliant people. There have been a multitude of rich people. Yet, Steve Jobs always seemed to be so much more than famous, successful, innovative, brilliant, and rich. Sometimes I wondered if he ever felt insecure or unsure of what he was doing. It’s difficult to believe he didn’t, but you certainly don’t hear much about it.

Whenever I read anything about how difficult he was as a partner or manager or boss, I felt like the writer or speaker was trying to make me dislike him. Still, I never did. I always felt like Jobs was coming from a place of striving for excellence and greatness and not accepting anything less. His achievements, vision, and relentless pursuit of excellence made him inspiring in a way that few others have ever been. It wasn’t just what he accomplished that makes him so memorable and remarkable, but also the way in which he got it done.

I’m sad today that he passed away, but luckily his inspiration will live on for me and for countless others for decades to come.