SugarCRM Version 6.2 Features Review

SugarCRM 6.2 is the newest release and this edition is loaded with practical, easy to use, as well as essential features.  They’ve added calculated and hidden fields, mobile integration, enhanced searching, and many other important functions for your Sugar CRM.

Here are some of the cool new features:

Sugar Logic

Sugar Logic has been added within SugarCRM. This allows users to basically perform programming without having to know how to code or program. This option is now built right in and available within Sugar Studio.

Automatically Calculated Fields 

Calculated fields are now supported for Date fields and DateTime fields and functions. Thus, users can program field calculations. When a field is changed, formulas can be triggered that update math or dates on other fields. Users are able to simply hit the “Calculated Value” checkbox on the field configuration. They can then easily configure/program the formula. When they designed these calculations, Sugar based this logic and structure on Microsoft Excel. So if you like Excel formulas, you will love Sugar’s newest enhancements.

Dependent (hide/show) Fields

Dependent Fields can now be easily programmed within Sugar. Thus a field can be hidden or revealed based on the value within another field. This is triggered by a formula that is easily configured on a field by field basis. If a field is dependent, the user simply checks the “dependent” check box on the field configuration. Then he can select when the field should be visible or hidden.

Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting can be customized for individual fields. It is easy to change the color of a field depending on the content being Hot, Warm, or Cold.

Simplified View editing

Synchronization between the Edit view and the Detail view. In previous versions, the admin was required to update both views each time a field was added or removed. Now the Edit and Detail views can be synchronized to keep in step. If you change the Edit view, the Detail view will also be revised. Moreover, this can be handled on a field by field basis. Administrators can choose which fields will be synchronized on both screens and which fields won’t.

Enhanced Search

Search for records using date and number ranges. End users will be thrilled to see how easy it is to search the records. It is now very simple to perform a data-range search. In order to allow date range searches for a field, the user simply needs to turn on the check box for the field within Sugar’s field design platform “Sugar Studio”.

Global Search

From any screen or module, users are able to search the entire database for a specific search term. Users (not just administrators) can easily configure which modules are searchable within the Global Search. Deployment Options are available. Sugar’s own Sugar-On-Demand Cloud. Self hosting is also available – on a clients own network.

Global CRM Integration

Going Global is also a big theme for Sugar 6. Sugar has added many more language packs. They’ve gone from 15 to 22 language packs. Thus if you are a multi-national organization, you are now able to easily support your staff of users. Right-to-left typing is now also available (e.g. Hebrew language usage in places such as Israel).

Sugar Mobile/Smartphones for CRM

iPad users are thrilled to know that Sugar integrates seamlessly. SugarCRM has gone away from Flash and moved toward HTML5 charts. Now Sugar Mobile works with the Blackberry, Android as well as the iPad.

Social Integration with SugarCRM

Sugar is enabling their customers to interact on many Social Platforms. This includes file sharing, online meetings and much more.

CRM Activity Streams (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Linked In)

Sugar provides the ability to look at a Linked In data in the web – directly from the Contact’s record. This enhancement includes the ability to reply to posts and even delete posts. This also allows users to view pictures and filter content. Twitter and Facebook feeds for each contact can also be viewed.

Inside View

The Inside View module can now be placed directly on the Contact’s screen. Users can take it a step further by simply importing data from Inside View directly into the Contact’s record. This is a one-button import function. There are multiple editions of Inside View. The free edition is built in to SugarCRM – and available in all editions. To upgrade to Inside View’s Professional and Team editions, users can run the upgrade directly within the Inside View panel inside of SugarCRM.

Multiple Meeting Types

When users want to schedule a meeting with a customer, they now have the option to select from the Meeting Type drop-down. This list includes GoToMeeting, LotusLive, WebEx and Sugar. You can now manage all of your online meetings all within Sugar. Thus, the user can schedule a 1 hour LotusLive meeting with the client – directly within the SugarCRM interface. This will automatically send the meeting invitation and configure LotusLive to expect the meeting. Then, when it is time to meet, the “Start Meeting” button is directly in the Sugar screen. Via Single-Sign on, users can perform all these actions in the Sugar screen rather than having to manage several software tools.

B2B vs B2C  (Contact Centric vs Account Centric CRM)

Some CRM owners have Contact-Centric businesses rather than Account-Centric businesses. In this case, it is possible to hide the Accounts module so that the users can work solely within the contacts module. If you are selling to individuals (e.g. real estate, financial advisors, etc…), then you can easily turn off the required Account field (linking to an account). You can also hide the Account module.

Printing CRM Dashboard Charts

Users are now able to print out charts (from within reports) as PDFs.

Oracle 11g support

Sugar is now supporting Oracle 11g. This is the most recent and professional release of Oracle. Thus Sugar CRM is scalable for Enterprise customers.

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