More Offices Let Users Choose Their Own Devices

The New York Times recently reported that in a survey published by Forrester Research, they found that 48 percent of workers buy smartphones for work without considering what their I.T. department supports.   I remember the days when companies dictated that you had to buy a Blackberry or a Treo or you wouldn’t be able to get access to company resources.    Now that email smartphone integration is pretty much standardized, the actual type of phone (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.) is almost irrelevant from an IT perspective.   It’s so easy to integrate, that it now doesn’t really matter.

This has major implications in other ways also.  Companies still dictate whether you use PCs or Apples as desktops at work, but as more and more applications become web based, the actual desktop operating system becomes less and less relevant.    For example, our SugarCRM users can work equally well on a PC or a MAC.   Sage MAS 90 or Quickbooks users still generally need a PC, but as online options become more and more robust for these applications, the type of desktop will become less relevant as well.     The day is coming when after a new employee completes his first day paperwork, the next question may be “PC, MAC, or iPAD”?