Closing the Deal with SugarCRM

By P. J. Connolly on 2011-05-27

From a user perspective, SugarCRM presents a restrained appearance that has all the tools that define modern CRM offerings and more. Opportunities and reporting functions are all available at a click, and the user interface is uncluttered, with the apparent intent of keeping users working efficiently. From an administration perspective, things are equally straightforward. Access controls can be set up by team as well as by user role, allowing businesses to properly separate teams when desired. The whole point of a CRM system is to keep users inside the application as much as possible, and SugarCRM does a good job of that. SugarCRM is available as a free, open-source Community Edition or as the for-pay Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Professional. Both paid versions have a five-user minimum “cover charge” and include 1GB of storage for application data. Sugar Enterprise allows organizations the option of exchanging that 1GB block of storage for 120MB per user, a choice that makes sense for any instance serving more than eight or nine users.