SugarCRM and Constant Contact…Together at Last!

SugarCRM Constant ContactWe’re really excited to announce the release of our SugarCRM – Constant Contact Integration. For those of you who’ve been using both products, this integration will eliminate the laborious task of having to maintain mailing lists in two separate applications. All mailing list additions, changes, and deletions can now all be managed from within SugarCRM and the updates automatically synchronized with Constant Contact in real-time.

In addition, you can now view the RESULTS of your Constant Contact email blasts from within Sugar! See by campaign and by contact, the number of opens, bounces, and deletes from the email. Pull up any contact in Sugar and drill down into exactly what they did with the email from Constant Contact. Not only is this information incredibly valuable for sales and marketing folks, but it also now becomes available for reporting and workflow functionality. For example, you can create a workflow routine that can automatically send follow up emails or schedule follow up phone calls for contacts who have recorded specific activity related to the email blast. How cool is that?

The best part of our integration is that it works 100% completely inside of Sugar. There’s no need to install any extra software on the desktop or run any 3rd party applications. It’s all within Sugar for ease of use and ease of installation.

For those of you not yet using both of the products, the integration is a great reason to add Constant Contact functionality to your SugarCRM instance or to implement SugarCRM to extend your use of Constant Contact.

This web page has all the details. Or, download our SugarCRM – Contact Contact Integration Spec Sheet.