Starship Update Available for US Postal Service Price Increases

The U.S. Postal Service has announced a price increase effective April 17, 2011. Prices will increase for First-Class Mail (stamps remain .44), postcards, letters to Canada or Mexico and other mailing services. For additional information, visit the USPS web site. StarShip version 9.9.92 supports the April 17th price changes. This release also includes updates to the following postage statements:
PS 3600-FCM, PS 3600-PM and PS 3605-R.

Coming Soon!
Be on the lookout for version 11; this release represents some comprehensive changes such as address validation, new carrier modules (OnTrac, UPS Freight, YRC), LTL support and more. Note: In version 11.x we offer full support for USPS Endicia and have discontinued support for USPS MAC Manifest and Metered Mail.

StarShip Web Update

There are two ways to run a StarShip Web Update.

  1. From your Start > Programs menu,
    Start > Programs > StarShip > StarShip Web Update
  2. From Windows Explorer, go to the StarShip program directory:
    C:V-TechnologiesStarShip directory and double click   WiseUpdt.exe

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Web Update.

It is important to note that StarShip will begin using the new USPS rate and service changes immediately after you run the update. Therefore, we recommend installing the update after your last USPS shipment on Friday, April 15th.

Additional References:
StarShip UPS Multi-Account WebHelp
StarShip FDX Multi-Account WebHelp

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