It's the Integration, Man

Just got back from SugarCon, the annual trade show for SugarCRM partners and users.  What an incredibly great experience!  The Sugar folks were, to a person, intelligent, optimistic, inspired, and helpful.  Something about this Open Source community reminds me of how people describe the 60s where there was a feeling that anything was possible and that we were all working together towards something great. The people at this show, vendors and customers alike, all exhibited this same sense throughout.  The watchwords of the show and for SugarCRM corporate were mobile, global, and social.  These are clearly the foundation of any new software, but I actually took something additional away — the concept of integration.

If you wandered through the booths at the show, you would have found that nearly every one was of a technology or software that adds some great value and INTEGRATES with SugarCRM.  I really think this is at the core of technology success. Implementing software that is easily “integratable” becomes critical as we try to take on all the “best of breed” packages out there in each area of our business. Whether a software is open source or not open source isn’t the point;  the point is does your software work well with other software packages?  We need to accept that no one software package is going to do everything for us, and that we’ll continuously be finding new software and technologies that can help our business.  The days are long gone of installing a big computer, rolling out a new software package, and then not having to do anything else for years and years.  Technology is changing at a significant clip, and whether it’s social media, virtualization, the cloud, or anything else, we do our businesses a disservice if we’re not continuously learning and investing in technology.

Now, we can’t know what the future holds for technology other than things will certainly change and that new tools will become available to help our organizations grow and be more efficient.   Accordingly, we’re never going to select perfect software. All we can do now is make sure that the stuff we implement is flexible and INTEGRATABLE.   If we do that, we are positioned for the greatest possible success down the road.   It’s the integration, Man.