Cloud Based Software and Swimming Lessons

Would you jump into a swimming pool if you didn’t know how to swim?   Would you buy a new Bugatti if you didn’t know how to drive?   So, why would you buy cloud based software with a slow internet connection?

The promise of cloud based or SAAS software is enormous — Anywhere, anytime access.   Getting up and running quickly with a minimum of installation or configuration time required.   No huge up front costs.    No intense server or IT requirements.   It’s tantalizing, actually.   However, if you don’t have a fast internet connection, all those promises disappear, just like those campaign promises from your Senator right after he took office.   Users won’t use the software, or worse, they’ll use it and complain about it.   Instead of operations becoming more efficient, they become less efficient.   You start hearing excuses from the staff like “I can’t get things done fast like I used to…I’m waiting for the software….”   A slow internet connection should actually be a BIGGER concern for management than the internet connection dropping.  Most of the time in meetings regarding cloud based software, the discussion invariably gets around to “well…what if our internet connection goes down…we’ll be out of business”.   And yes, this is true.   However, a more likely scenario is that your internet connection will be up and running…but sloooooooooooooooow.

Before you jump in the ocean, make sure you get swimming lessons.   And, before you jump in with cloud based software, make sure your internet connection is as fast as it can be.