Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 v4.3 Service Pack 22 Released

Service Pack 22 for Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 v4.3 has been released with a variety of mostly minor fixes (although if these issues are happening to you, they probably aren’t so minor). Please contact us with any questions or to discuss in detail how this service pack may related to your specific instance.

This package includes the following fixes and updates:

Accounts Payable

Vendor renumbering no longer hangs system. Select the Renumber button to assign a new vendor number to an existing vendor before any activity is recorded. If there is activity recorded the correct message now appears “You cannot renumber vendors with Accounts Payable Purchase History Records. Use the Delete and Change Vendor utility to change or delete vendors with history.”


Quarterly 941 Printing has been updated for the 2011 IRS changes to the 941 Form (Rev. January 2011).  A new entry field for Tax Due on Unreported Tips – Section 3121 (q) Notice and Demand has been added for users to enter the amount and print it on the form. This update has text and calculation changes to the Report Formats, ‘Entire Form’ ‘Pre-Printed’ and ‘Worksheet’. Also the year and revision has changed on the ‘Entire Form’.

Library Master

The Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 Help Files have been updated in this release.  To update your local Help Files, run WKSUpdate90.exe or WKSUpdate200.exe located in the MAS 90/200 Server’s..mas90wksetup directory from each MAS 90/200 Workstation.

Magnetic Media

The 1099-INT Amount Codes are now correct in the “A” record.

Accounts Receivable

AR_InvoiceHistoryWrk UDFs mapped from AR_Customer are now displayed when running the A/R Invoice History Report

Bar Code Master

The full Deposit Available amount from the sales order is now set as the Deposit amount when using Bar Code to import Sales Order.

eBusiness Manager

Error 14 CI_CUConvertdata.PVC 1091 followed by Error 13 CI_CUConvertData.pvc 1121 or 558 no longer occurs on the Web Error Log when a user trys to view Sales Orders, Sales Order history, RMA information, etc.  using eBusiness Mangager in MAS 90/200 Extended Enterprise Suite.

The following program files are updated by Service Update

AP_Vendor_bus.pvc 1.2
AR_CustomerContact_bus.pvc 1.39
CI_CUConvertData.pvc 1.131
PR_eFiling.pvc 1.58
Prwrtc 1.2
SO_Invoice_Bus.pvc 1.367
SY_EmbeddedIOCommon 1.2
SY_MergeFiles_bus.pvc 1.2
prfld.dd 1.35
prfile.dd 1.35
SY_System.M4T 1.23
PR941A.RPT 1.27
PR941P.RPT 1.9
sy1qdd.soa 1.7
SY0DD5.SOA 1.86
SY0DD4.SOA 1.86
SY0DD2.SOA 1.105
SY0DD1.430 1.45