Software Solves Real Problems. Go Figure.

So often software is installed and at the end of the day, it’s no more than a big word processor recording events but not really adding a whole lot of value to the organization. It’s easy for this to happen. You get so caught up in just “making the software work” that you forget the point.

The point of software is to be a tool to enable organizations to be profitable, increase revenues, decrease costs, meet other kinds of goals, be more efficient, improve employee retention, etc. It’s not to just do what’s always been done, the same way as always, except on a computer.

We love it when a client presents a real business problem, and the software is able to quickly and effectively solve that problem. One of our clients for a long time has had a serious issue with salespeople. Their salespeople go out and get these great, big deals for the company, but they tend to forget a little thing called credit approval. They would close a nice $100k deal with a new customer and submit the signed contracts. A few days later, Joe Q. Salesperson would be astonished when it was subsequently determined that not only couldn’t the customer pay, but that there was also significant evidence that they never were going to be able to pay.

Using the Workflow Feature in SugarCRM, we were able to solve this problem for the company. We added a “Credit Approval” checkbox to each opportunity. Only the Credit Manager and Sales Manager can access this checkbox. Then, whenever an opportunity is entered into Sugar for over a certain dollar amount, two things happen – 1) an email is sent to the credit manager with the details relating to the opportunity and a note to perform a credit check on the prospect, and 2) the salesperson is now prevented from moving the opportunity to a “proposal stage” until the credit approval box is checked. Once the “credit approval” checkbox is checked, the salesperson can move the opportunity along and close the deal. Problem solved.

Have I mentioned that we love software?