Don't Let the Software Choose You

So here’s the thing…there are lots of decent, good software packages out there.  They’re easy to use.  Affordable.  They’re in the cloud, so they travel with you and aren’t difficult to install.  The software probably doesn’t require a lot of consulting to get it up and running.  It does pretty much what you need it to do right now.  Sometimes you come across some software, and it seems so great, so easy…it’s like the software is choosing you.

So what’s the problem?  There’s no problem if nothing ever changes.  Or, if you don’t value your time.  However, what if you value your time?  What if you think that your business might grow?  What if you believe that your business could change?  If you consider any of these things, then you need more than good, decent, affordable software.  You need software that can grow with you.  You need software that is not only good and decent and affordable but that also has the flexibility to be what you’re currently not.  You need software that doesn’t have a built-in dead end.  I’m not saying you need to buy a Rolls Royce when a Ford will do.  What I’m saying is that you need to buy a Ford that at least has a kit that can turn it into a Rolls Royce when the time is right.   Not all Fords are created equal.

And not all good, decent, affordable software is created equal.   Make sure that when you’re looking at software, you give some thought to what you might need down the road. The costs of picking the wrong good, decent, affordable software are dramatic — having to expensively convert to something else later, having to later purchase different software to fill in the gaps in the original software, having to run your business consistent with how the software works instead of making the software work they way you want to run your business, not being able to do some things in your business because the software won’t support it, having to stop in the middle of an exciting business time to find and fund new software, and much much more.

Take the time now to do it right, when things are slower and easier.   Don’t let the software choose you.