How to set up Earnings Codes in Earnings Code Maintenance

Use Earnings Code Maintenance to establish separate codes for each earnings type used in the Payroll Data Entry process (regular, overtime, sick pay, etc.). In addition, it is possible to specify calculation methods, General Ledger expense account numbers, and tax information for each earnings code. This data, combined with specific employee earnings information, is used to calculate the employee’s actual wages.

Enter the earnings code representing the earnings type to be added or maintained. Click the Lookup button to list all earnings codes.

NOTE Code 01 must be used for Regular Earnings, code 05 must be used for Tips Reported, and code 06 must be used for Tips Differential. Code TA is used for Tips Allocated, and code TE is used for Tips Earned. These codes have a predefined type of earnings and a method of entry that cannot be changed. These codes are permanent and cannot be deleted.

If the payroll check history report is not showing the correct hours, verify the type of earnings set up in Earnings Code Maintenance.