SugarCRM Platform Edition

Released September 30, 2010 from SugarCRM –

SugarCRM, the world’s fastest growing customer relationship management (CRM) company, today introduced an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Platform Edition aimed at further empowering independent software vendor (ISV) and distribution partners who embed SugarCRM’s industry-leading CRM functionality into business suites or deeply-focused vertical market offerings. In addition, SugarCRM also announced Sugar Logic, a new set of development tools for creating customized process-driven user experiences on the Sugar platform.

Sugar Platform Edition gives SugarCRM’s OEM partners enhanced access to the world’s most flexible, intuitive and open platform in order to build, deploy and manage deeply customized solutions, or embed Sugar functionality seamlessly into their own solutions. OEM’s using Sugar Platform Edition have full access to Sugar source code and developer tools, and can leverage SugarCRM’s open cloud deployment model to offer their custom solutions in the cloud. The result – highly specialized solutions for any marketplace providing huge return on investment for both the OEM provider and their customers.

“Sugar Platform Edition allows our growing OEM partner base to bring the power of flexible, intuitive and open software like Sugar to a vastly underserved market,” said Larry Augustin, CEO of SugarCRM. “It is a great win-win scenario: customers receive best-in-class software while our OEM partners build a profitable and repeatable business.”

The specifics of Sugar Platform Edition include:

  • Ability to use underlying functionality to embed Sugar into any existing system or resell as a white label offering
  • Access to the world’s most flexible, open and intuitive development tools to build highly specialized xRM solutions
  • Shorter development time, along with faster, easier upgrades
  • Ability to develop and deploy Sugar Platform Edition solutions across any cloud platform; insuring zero lock-in for partners or customers
  • OEM-specific pricing and licensing

“We are excited about the potential Sugar Platform Edition offers our clients,” said Ted Rosen, president of SugarCRM partner Expert Business Development, LLC. “We anticipate that this new software platform will give us the same kind of control in developing, delivering and managing specialized web-based applications for our target market that we have come to expect from our partnership with SugarCRM.”

“Sugar Logic makes it easier than ever for Sugar developers to create powerful, process-driven user experiences on the Sugar platform,” said Clint Oram, Vice President of Products and Co-Founder of SugarCRM. “Tools like Sugar Logic enable SugarCRM to continue providing the most flexible, intuitive and open products available.”

Sugar Platform Edition and Sugar Logic are available today for SugarCRM OEM partners meeting specific requirements. Sugar Logic will be made generally available for Sugar Professional and Enterprise Edition users in November 2010.

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