Great Expectations

With apologies to Charles Dickens…

Success in technology and software is a funny thing. Rather than black and white,  it’s hugely a function of your expectations going in. Big  expectations?  Big chance of failure.  Small expectations? Big chance of success.  I have a friend who’s convinced the key to happiness is low expectations. While I’m not prepared to be quite that cynical, I will say that having “reasonable” expectations for what a particular technology initiative might achieve is certainly a key to happiness with your technology and your software.    Ever try to replace a complete application with another?  That’s a tough one.  It’s difficult to make everyone happy.  Implementing one new report?  Success is a little more likely.

People who approach projects in phases and small pieces as opposed to doing one big thing at once are generally people who are trying to manage expectations.  And, if you can align your expectations with your staff and your technology partner, look out!