Reinitialize P/O Receipt of Goods/Invoice data entry files in Sage MAS 90 and 200

Purchase Order Receipt of Goods/Invoice Reinitialize List


Sage MAS 90 ERP
Sage MAS 200 ERP
Sage MAS 200 ERP – SQL Server Edition

Application: Purchase Order

Version Reported: 3.71

Possible Resolution:

Note: Use caution when using repair utilities in the Library Master module. Always make a backup first. These steps should only be taken after careful determination of the situation. Assistance by a qualified support technician may be necessary for diagnosis. Reinitialization of data files should never be used to fix an interrupted update attempt. See notes at end for general guidelines. If necessary, seek the assistance of a qualified Sage Customer Support analyst.

Caution: Be sure to update any good Receipt of Goods and Receipt of Invoices. The POC data file is also used by PO Return of Goods and the POV data file is used by Receipt of Goods/Invoice, Return of Goods, and Material Requisitions. Do not proceed if there are any unposted entries in these files.

To reinitialize the Purchase Order Receipt of Goods/Receipt of Invoice Data Entry files, perform the following:

  1. Expand Library Master and Repair. Double-click Reinitialize Data Files.
  2. From the Application list, select Purchase Order. Select the desired company code.
  3. Select the following files:
    • PO5   P/O Receipt Data Entry Header File
    • PO6   P/O Receipt Data Entry Detail File
    • PO9   P/O Receipt Entry Tier Distribution Detail File
    • POC   P/O Receipt, Returns, Material Requisition Sort by Purchase Order File
    • POL   P/O Receipt/Invoice Variance Sort File
    • POQ   P/O Receipt/Invoice Entry Sort File
    • POV   P/O Batch Masterfile (only if using batch entry)
    • PO_10   P/O Receipt Tax Detail File
    • PO_11   P/O Receipt Tax Summary File
    • PO_16   P/O Receipt Tax Allocation File
  4. If using Batch Entry, delete all batch files in the format PO5#####.soa (where ##### is a 5-character batch number such as 00123 or D_123). These batch files are found in the POXXX sub-directory within the MAS90 directory (where XXX is the company code).
  5. Expand Library Master and Repair. Double-click Rebuild Sort Files.
  6. From the Application list, select Purchase Order. Select the desired company code.
  7. Select Yes to the message “Would you like to recalculate open Purchase Order quantities in the Inventory Masterfile also”?

General guidelines for reinitializing:

  1. The previous update of data was successful for all entries. Since then, no attempt has been made to update the current data.
  2. You can print, but do not select Yes when prompted to update.
  3. If Data Entry is empty, everything has been updated, and no existing entries can be found, it may be okay to reinitialize. This is typically for cases of ghost batches or ghost entries, or to clean up possible corruption in data files after data in the files are updated.
  4. If the data files are damaged, manually reinitialize the data entry files by clicking the Manual button in the Reinitialize Data Files window. Type the file name with the 3 digit company code (for example PO5XXX) and click Proceed. Click Erase to the prompt “File already defined”. Do this for all the above listed files.