To Do List Management

Technology is really exciting right now.   There are so many cool tools being developed for people to use at home and in business that it’s hard to keep up.  Whether it’s the iPad, the Droid, or anything else, technology appears to be going through one of those phases where it feels like everything is changing.  From a business standpoint, the bottom line is whether the new technology help us run our businesses better — more profitably, more effectively, and more efficiently.  At the end of the day, that will be the benchmark for the adoption of any new piece of technology (at least for businesses).
In the area of To Do List Management, we recently started using a program called Toodledo with great success.  It’s really just a program that lets you list things in a To Do List, with areas for priority, due date, status, etc.  However, depending on how you use it, it can be a lot more than that.    Here are the Top 5 things we like about it:
1.   It’s in “The Cloud”
To use the program, you log into the Toodledo website from wherever you are and start working with the program.  You don’t have to worry about installing it anywhere, you don’t have to back it up, and it doesn’t require any specific hardware or operating system.  It just works.  Wherever you are.
2.   It integrates with the iPhone
I don’t know if you’re like me, but I never know when I’m going to think of something “To Do” either for myself or for someone else on the FBSG team.  I might be at a client, in the car, or at dinner somewere.   Toodledo on the iPhone automatically syncs with the Toodledo in the Cloud, so anything I type on my iPhone instantly becomes vailable on the website and vice versa.  I can see the status of a task right on my iPhone.
3.    It integrates with other stuff
From a workflow standpoint, this is really exciting.  We’ve built integration with Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 so that certain events in the software automatically trigger “To Do’s” in Toodledo.  For example, if a customer is behind on paying an invoice, in addition to automatically generating an email to the Collections Manager, we’ve set it up so that it also adds a “To Do” item to the Collection Manager’s To Do List in Toodledo.  Similarly, for monitoring inventory items and their stocking levels, we’ve configured it so that a To Do item is automatically created for replenishing specific inventory stock.  You can also email to do tasks straight into your To Do List.  Toodledo gives you a unique email address, and when you send tasks to it, it automatically adds them to your list.
4.    You can share To Do Lists or make them private
If you’re working in a team, this is especially cool.  You can create your own private To Do List for yourself, but you can also “collaborate” with other people and share certain portions of your list.
5.    It’s Free !!!
The basic application is free.  This will work for most people.  You can also pay a nominal fee to upgrade to their “Pro” version which gives you some more advanced collaboration features, the ability to add sub-tasks, and a few other things.
Toodledo isn’t perfect.  They need to improve some of the collaboration functionality and provide a few more data fields, but overall it’s a great value and a great tool that helps us communicate, collaborate, and stay on top of projects and tasks.