The Future is Now

I’ve seen the future, and it doesn’t have a lot of manual entry, post-it’s, and scribbling. It really doesn’t have a lot of paper at all. It’s got solutions that are hosted in the cloud, allow you to electronically pay your vendors, allow you to receive electronic payments from your customers, integrate credit card payments directly into your bank account and ERP software all at the same time, allow you to easily create any custom report you want and distribute it any way you want, present critical information in a dashboard when you first login, and it’s all available on your phone, in an internet cafe, or on any computer you happen to be around. In this future, there is virtually no paper, documents are routed electronically from desk to desk, approved electronically, and filed electronically. When orders are taken, they’re approved electronically, sent to the warehouse in electronic form, and shipped without paper or manual entry of any kind. Goods are shipped and instantly invoices are generated and emailed to customers. The future is configured so that when you think of something, you can add it to your To Do List or deligate it wherever you are. We won’t be getting back to people when we’re “back in the office” or “back at our desk”. Wherever you are can be your office. Wherever you’re sitting can be your desk.

I know a lot of these capabilities have been around for a while, but it feels like everything is coming together in a cohesive, integrated fashion…and that’s the trick. To make it all work together. The future is pretty exciting. And…here’s the best part…the future is now. Stay tuned….