A Primer – 10 Things to Look For in An Accounting ERP Package When You're Just Starting Out

1. Features

Make a list of requirements or features you need for your business. Know what features are essential to your success. Look at accounting software that is specific to your industry. You may only need a basic package that you can customize or you may need an advanced system. The first step to picking new software is to know what features your business needs.

2. Flexibility

When you decide on features, make sure the software will be able to grow with your company. After the initial implementation, you may need to add modules and additional functionality.  Make sure that your software will be able to accept additions if necessary.

3. Scalability

If you are a small company, you need to make sure that your accounting software reflects that. Don’t pay for features you will never use. When your business grows and extra features are necessary add them, but resist additional features until you legitimately have the need for them.


When it comes to support for your new accounting software do your homework, make sure you know what the costs are to maintain support and what will be addressed. Choose a support company that will solve your problems and be there for your company when you need them. You are going to be paying for this service, and you need to make sure you are getting the most for your money, and that you in fact need support. You might choose an accounting software system that you can maintain within your company.

5. Customizable

Your accounting software should have all the features you need, but also have the ability to be customized.  It’s critical to not get “painted into a corner” where you need your software to do something, and you then find out that it can’t do it.  This is especially critical as you grow and find that you have new requirements for the software that were never otherwise considered.   A customizable package will grow with you and be able to change as the company changes.

6. Reviews

Ask people you know what accounting software they use. A great way to find out what accounting software would work for you is to ask what accounting software is working for others. Read reviews about accounting software packages. People who have great accounting software and great support will share their experience, also if someone has had a bad experience they will also share their story, either way it will help when deciding what software package to go with.

7. Cost

Decide on a budget. Don’t pay more than you can for accounting software, and only pay for what you need. If your company is small, purchase a smaller package and as your company grows add to your software. Keep price in mind as you decide on features you need and features you want.

8. Implementation

You need to know how it will affect your company when installing the software. Will you have a training class so your employees know how to use the new software? Is your support company going to come and set the software up so you can start working immediately?

9. Usability

When choosing software, you want to make sure you are going to be able to understand it once it is installed. You need to make sure that you are going to be able to enter information, change information, edit modules, etc. Choose a software package that meets your needs and is easy for you to manage.

10. Buy-In

One of the biggest reasons accounting software implementations fail is the lack of buy-in from the staff responsible for using the software.  Make sure to get your team involved early in the decision making process, so that they feel invested in the success or failure of the implementation.