Sage MAS 90 Hidden Utilities

MAS 90 has a number of useful “hidden” utilities that you should be aware of. They can be run from the MAS 90 menu bar->File->Run, and type the utility name.

GLWSKA: This utility can be utilized to clear Check Printing Flag. When Accounts Payable Manual Check Printing has started, a flag is set on the Bank code to prevent another check printing program from running at the same time for the same Bank Code. The flag is left on the Bank Code, if the Check Printing program terminates abnormally. This utility is used to clear this flag, so check printing can be resumed.

IMZBL1: This is the Inventory Quantity On Hand Balancing Utility. It is used to compare and report discrepancies between the Warehouse Detail File (IM2) and Cost Detail File (IM3) for FIFO, LIFO, LOT or Serial valuation items. The program is used to fix FIFO and LIFO items. Lot and Serial items must be fixed on a case-by-case basis using transactions or the FIX hidden features.

PRZDRR: This utility is used to edit Form 941 in Payroll, if some of the data fields printed on the report need correcting.

APWRVD: This is the Accounts Payable Purge Void Checks utility. This program is utilized to purge voided checks from record. Usually, this utility would be run when attempting to Reverse an Accounts Payable Check, but get a message that the check has been voided. Running this utility allows to delete the Void Check in order to reverse it.

NOTE: In version 4.x, this utility is not available from the File->Run menu. It should be run from Accounts Payable->Utility->Remove Voided Checks menu option.

SVDATA: This is the Copy Data Files to New Company utility. It utilized to make a duplicate copy of one company’s application data files into another company. This utility is useful for making a backup of MAS 90 data files, creating a Test Company, etc.

NOTE: In version 4.2, copying company data files are done in Company Maintenance menu option under Library Master.