Cash Receipts Error During AR Period End Processing

While attempting to perform Accounts Receivable period end, the message “Unable to perform Accounts Receivable Period End Processing while Cash Receipts Data Entry is in progress (or Cash Receipts Deposits is in progress) appears.

Follow these steps to clear this message:

  1. Verify that no Cash Receipts data entry is actually in process by printing the cash receipts entry register.
  2. Navigate to Library Master->Utilities->Reinitialize Data Files
  3. Enter the Company code where the error occurred
  4. Select Accounts Receivable for the module
  5. Select these files:
    1. AR_CashReceiptsHeader
    2. AR_CashReceiptsDetail
    3. AR_CashReceiptsDeposits
    4. AR_CashReceiptsRestart
  6. Click PROCEED
  7. When the warning message comes up, click YES.
  8. Continue with Period end Processing