Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 Version 4.4 Coming…

Sage is scheduled to release MAS 90 and MAS 200 version 4.4 on February 15 with many improvements over previous versions. This new version will bring Inventory Management, Purchase Order and Bill of Material into Business Frameworks.

Some of the features and functionality in version 4.4 included some of the most requested customer enhancements, and includes more personalization options, increased flexibility in data entry and report creation, easier access to data , and more other usability improvements. 4.4 enhancements are lead by the ability to use expanded fields, additional customization tools, additional Business Insights Explorer views, personalized report settings, and the ability to perform more efficient inventory counts. Some key improvements to the software contained in this upgrade include:

  • Expanded Inventory Item Numbers (from 15 to 30 characters)
  • Expanded Miscellaneous Charge Codes (from 7 to 30 characters)
  • Enhanced visibility of inventory item alias item numbers
  • Standard Cost Items can now be valued at $0.00
  • Displaying “expected” item counts during inventory physical count entry
  • Improved Drop Ship Processing (drop ship receipts now included in history)
  • Bill of Materials Inquiry allows toggling between single level and multi level views
  • Bill of Material Views in Business Insights Explorer
  • Expanded Customer Numbers (from 7 to 20 characters)
  • Upgrade of Inventory, Purchase Order, and Bill of Materials to the “new framework”
  • Persistent report settings (users can set their own report configurations and they will stay with the user)
  • Significantly enhanced usability (date/time stamps, right clicking on screens for increased inquiry capabilities, etc.)

For further information you can download the Sage MAS 90 and 200 4.4 Mini Brochure.