How To Make a One-Sided Journal Entry

Occasionally, you might find the General Ledger out-of-balance. This might be due to data corruption, a Sales Journal posting out-of-balance, or a number of other scenarios. However, Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 do have a means to easily correct the out-of-balance posting. Following these steps should assist in correcting the posting:

  1. Navigate to Modules->General Ledger->Main->General Journal Entry menu option.
  2. In the Source Journal field, enter the Source Journal Code.
  3. In the Entry  Number field, enter the Source Journal number.
  4. In the Posting Date field, enter the posting date.
  5. Leave the Reversing Date field blank.
  6. If necessary, enter a comment in the Comment Field (Entering a comment will assist later on auditing the entry).
  7. Click the Lines tab.
  8. Enter the accounts and amounts to post.
  9. Click ACCEPT.
  10. When the message “This journal is out of balance. This entry must balance in order to post to General Ledger,” click ONE.
  11. Print and update the General Ledger Register.

NOTE: In order to be able to perform these steps you will need to have security rights to do so.

Under normal circumstances, there should not be any need to make a one-sided journal entry. This has only been observed when there is some type of hardware or software failure which results in data corruption or, occasionally, when transactions are imported through Visual Integrator or some other third party solution. Normally there is not need to worry about a one-sided journal entry with MAS 90 or MAS 200.

See attached for a detailed procedures document.